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Singles’ day has passed. For me who participated in the 30 million yuan project, what big scene have I never seen before? But after seeing this set of data, I panicked!!

The trading volume of singles’ day is no longer shocking to me. However, after this year’s singles’ day, major platforms have collected data on the purchase categories, revealing that the post-90s generation, who have been “ridiculed” for growing up, are really “bald and healthy”

From the data of Tmall, we can see that in the proportion of the turnover of wigs on singles’ day, the generation born in the 1990s accounted for 42%, and the main force of successful purchase of wigs by the jin army exceeded the generation born in the 1980s, which accounted for 26%.

Among them, beishang guangshen wig turnover occupies the front row, what problem to explain? As a joke, the degree of urban development is inversely proportional to the quantity of urban development. As young people in first-tier cities, the backward hairline has become a common problem.

Once read a paragraph on the net: why the hair fell out, the body hair is exuberant like an orangutan?

Now think about it, finally know why taobao, micro blog brush brush, there are so many hair ads…

A few years ago, while the post-80s were still trying to prevent “middle-aged greasy”, the post-90s with a heavy sense of crisis had embarked on the road of “punk health”.

Life isn’t just about goji berries. It’s also about overlord shampoo and thermos cups.

The persistence of health preservation can be seen from the trading volume of Tmall. For example, the trading volume of goji berries is dominated by the post-80s and post-90s, among which the post-80s account for 32% and the post-90s account for 25%, which is more than half of all age groups. Not only so, beautiful buttock sits cushion, hairdressing instrument, of all kinds protect skin to taste, the quantity that health care tastes occupies a proportion very tall.

Not long ago, it was reported on weibo that 80% of those born in the 1990s were afraid to read the medical examination report. Some media interviewed some young people, and some of the answers were heart-wrenching. For example: at ordinary times oneself stay up to stay up to have no point in the heart? Eat irregularly, like heavy oil heavy salt impossible can too healthy? Such as the heart of the words revealed the panic and helplessness.

However, there are more heart-felt reports. In the 2019 Shanghai white collar health index report, it was pointed out that 98.75% of the people were found abnormal in physical examination, among which so-called chronic diseases of the elderly such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease are spreading rapidly to the young, and cancer has been showing a trend of becoming younger.

In addition, statistics show that men born in the 1990s have the top three cancers: thyroid cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer. Thyroid cancer also topped the list for women born in the 1990s, followed by breast and cervical cancer.

The reason, in fact, is very simple, is not regular diet and rest. But every time you make a healthy plan with confidence, you procrastinate for no more than a week, use all sorts of excuses, and end up blowing it up and moving on. As the vicious cycle continues, as mentioned in the previous interview, “I know what my health is like.”

In the face of health threats and life pressure, many people born in the 1990s choose to purchase insurance for risk transfer. Such awareness has become more and more common. According to the big data report on post-90s insurance, the average post-90s person holds four insurance policies, 2.7 of which are health insurance (including major disease insurance and medical insurance), followed by accident insurance, life insurance and education fund.

In fact, if you ask your post-90s friends around you, your colleagues will know that this survey data is really terrible!

In fact, the generation born after 1990 is very clear and selfish. The three friends we just talked about have allocated insurance for themselves and their families. There’s only one reason: you want to shift your risk so that when you do get sick and something goes wrong, you can give yourself a way out.

For the generation born in the 1990s who are strict in their requirements and pursue high cost performance, I have finally concluded some products most suitable for the generation born in the 1990s through multiple surveys.

I give everybody cent 4 big kinds, it is serious disease danger, medical treatment danger, accident danger and life insurance respectively.

Low disease risk

30 years old male, insurance amount of 500,000, 30 years pay fee, insurance for life

● million medical insurance

30 year old male with social security

Low casualty

30 – year – old male

Low life

30 year old male, 1 million insured for 30 years

Actually can see, what I choose for everybody is to belong to safeguard tall, insurance cost is low high lever insurance product, satisfy everybody in the premise that pursues high-quality life, still can have sufficient safeguard.


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