With the advent of the Internet era, the birth of the Internet of things and vehicle network. If what is the biggest change in the interior of the car in the past two years, the governor of the car thinks that the word “sense of science and technology” can be completely summarized, whether it is more and more convenient configuration, or the larger and larger center control screen has almost become the “standard configuration” of all cars.

Those complicated physical keys are replaced by a large central control screen, almost all functions can be completed on the screen. If you want to ask who brought about this “custom”, the answer must be tesla. The imitation of other brands also contributed to the growth of this “custom”.

We won’t discuss whether bigger and bigger center screen is chicken ribs, but there must be some gimmicks. The 48-inch Shared all-in-one screen in front of the new force of the car maker bayten won a lot of attention, and behind it came the “one car screen” FF91, which surprised everyone.

Recently, Faraday Future announced on its official weibo account that FF91 will open its doors to the public for the first time on November 20, 2010 at solstice’s headquarters in Los Angeles. This is the first public demonstration of the interior of a production vehicle since the launch of FF in 2014 and FF91 in 2017.

Let’s face it, we’ve waited so long for the FF 91 that in the meantime, Mr Jia has filed for personal bankruptcy and no longer holds a stake in Faraday Future(FF), an electric carmaker. After a long time, it came back to the public with a “screen” when everyone had no hope for it. Before the release of the official weibo account, netizens exposed the video of FF91 test drive on weibo.

According to the video exposure information, the FF91 is equipped with a number of smart screens of different sizes, which basically means that all the places where screens can be placed in the car are equipped with screens.

It can be seen that the center control part of FF91 adopts a large vertical smart screen, and the passenger position also puts a large horizontal smart screen. In front of the driver’s seat is an oversized screen that measures nearly 27 inches, and the rear seat has an anti-gravity seat that allows passengers to watch the movie on their backs. The strangest thing was that there was a screen on the door, and the governor just wanted to say what was the use of it?

Such as Gu Yueting once said, the electric car there is a lot of disruptive innovation, now really don’t fake, it is the car the screen alone has toppled everyone for car interior of cognition, in addition, it also has a let a person is the price, according to the global CEO BiFuKang FF, FF91 positioning high-end luxury car, priced at $200000 or more, if the plus various tax in China is expected to exceed 1.5 million yuan.

Write in the last

New car companies, the central screen not embarrassed to say oneself is mostly the Internet building cars, but car governor believes that design is stunt than practical, like FF91 is exaggerated, in addition, from now on FF91 exterior and interior information of view, to deserve to go up more than 1.5 million yuan price, it also needs to show more ability to prove himself.

And Faraday Future officer micro release news actually means mass production is expected to formally from PPT building cars to FF, more accurate news is that new car will be delivered before September next year, I do not know at the moment, has formally stepped down as the former CEO of Gu Yueting whether it is a sad tears, but you can be sure is Gu Yueting mouth “to pay, can return home, can keep the FF, can realize the dream” has been slowly in cash.


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