On September 10, 2019, jack ma’s 55th birthday marked alibaba’s 20th anniversary. The biggest Party in hangzhou city, ma yun cried. He said:

Not being chairman of alibaba doesn’t mean I’m retiring. I won’t stop. Alibaba is just one of my many dreams. The world is so good, so many opportunities, I love so busy, where willing to retire so young. Let’s change rivers and lakes to see, green mountains do not change, green water long flow, see you again.

Green mountains do not change, green water flows, see you later. But where is the new jianghu?

In a faraway place, one of my young colleagues’ favorite places.


The vast continent of Africa.

Mr Ma has his eye firmly on Africa.

In November 2019, he traveled to Africa again and met two groups of his heroes.

In Ghana on the 15th, he presented an award to the inspector general of Africa.

Looking at the photos, a row of energetic scouts in the back, the big screen is “African wildlife hero” in English characters, the front front center, is from China’s teacher ma.

“We should try our best to protect the earth instead of destroying it and immigrating to Mars.”

On the African continent, frontline rangers face threats to their lives from poachers. More than 1,000 rangers have died in the past decade, and 47 percent spend less than five days a month with their families.

In 2017, ma yun came to Africa for the first time and was moved by the hardships and dangers of the scouts. Without hesitation, he decided to create the African reserve ranger award fund.

Clear waters and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver. Jack ma had the same feeling in Africa. He said:

Some people say: Africa is poor, no wealth, but I think Africa has the best wealth in the world, animals, nature, air, blue sky. This is the most precious treasure and the envy of the whole world. China, in particular, wants blue skies.

But this is only a small part of ma’s mission to Africa. He was thinking and acting. This is a big game of chess.

In July 2017, in the auditorium of the university of Nairobi, Kenya, ma yun, who was visiting Africa for the first time, said on the spot that he would come to Africa every year from now on and visit three African countries. He hoped to visit all 54 African countries in the next 10 to 15 years.

Why is that?

In the words of jack ma: when I see entrepreneurs in Africa, I feel like I saw myself 20 years ago. I wish I had been born in Africa today and started my journey 20 years ago.

The next year in Johannesburg, South Africa, ma set a Flag: he invested 10 million us dollars to set up the “ma yun Africa entrepreneurship fund” to help young africans realize their dreams and let them “seize inclusive globalization and digitalization, so that 100 alibabas will emerge in Africa”.

That is to say, teacher ma not only has to travel around Africa, but also has to train at least 100 African jack ma.

So on this trip, he met another set of heroes: young africans, entrepreneurial heroes.

He was a judge in the final of the first African entrepreneurship competition, an annual competition in which 10 African contestants compete to share a total of $1 million in prize money offered by the ma foundation.

Teacher ma also very feeling:

We want to do a Program like “win in China” in Africa. I think “win in China” is a very simple idea. We just do it as a favor.

I want to spend a little time, with many African entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial boom in Africa and I don’t think the future change of African governments, Africa cannot become a kind of wait for alms, waiting for the money, you give money to the enterprise, someone is always Support your business, give money to more countries, it is impossible to give money to children have ambition.

Ancient Africa, remote Africa, Africa is changing dramatically, so Mr. Ma came.


Among young africans, jack ma, a Chinese entrepreneur, has a special charm and appeal.

In one image, Mr. Ma stood in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by young africans, their eyes full of anticipation, and everyone rushed to grab a selfie of him.

Especially when an African woman took a selfie, everyone laughed like flowers.

This little Chinese is a role model for these young africans. Quite simply, he had no outstanding appearance, no special background, but he achieved great success; And that success is not unrepeatable.

In the words of a friend: seeing the success of a company like alibaba, from nothing in 1999 to the first e-commerce business in Asia, young africans see hope; Maybe they didn’t believe the impoverished African continent could succeed before, but seeing the development of the Internet in China makes them believe in the future.

‘a lot of people think e-commerce is too complicated and African culture is boring,’ said Moulaye Taboure, who founded the online marketplace for art, in the final of a competition on Thursday. ‘I hope to be like jack ma one day.’

Jack ma of Africa!

This is the power of example.

Jack ma has a sense of responsibility.

In the final scene of the entrepreneurship competition, he began his sermon gushing. He warned students in Africa:

You need to stay focused. There are many temptations on the way to success. You need to stay focused, not too fast. Some say the competition is coming, not because it’s fast, but because you have to focus. It’s fun to compete with them, but we don’t cry. We let our competitors cry.

Well, we don’t cry, we let our competitors cry. Is miss ma instilling unique skills?

Also, miss ma said:

I did a lot of work for other people before I started my business, and I learned a lot, and I said I couldn’t do that again. So learn business, learn academics, learn failure cases. Most people who succeed have many reasons, but most people who fail have similar reasons.

Failure is the mother of success. Speaking of the vicissitudes of life in the past, teacher ma also eyes with tears ah.

And he said,

Many years ago alibaba talked about how you can achieve work-life balance. I’ve been talking for half an hour. Are they serious? I thought about it a little bit and said I’ll say it again, I can’t balance. My work is life, and life is work. But I love working and I make my team happy. Very few people can really balance, and it’s all women. If you’re going to do something, let a man do it; Let what good, let a woman do; Let something be especially good, let men and women do it together.

Men and women match, the work is not tired. How could miss ma be so successful without a great woman?

In this way, Mr. Ma successfully exported the Chinese wisdom China program to Africa.

This has also brought new thinking to young entrepreneurs in Africa. It turns out that there are reasons for China’s economic success.

The africans listened for a moment, then wave after wave of applause.

Chinese teacher ma, not dogmatic, not rigid, out-and-out, as expected.


So a few months ago, when jack ma said goodbye to the title of chairman of the board, many people still sighed: jack ma is so young, how to retire.

Wrong. Totally wrong.

So love lively person, willing to leave the world of mortals?

It was just a position in a complicated business; Did not retreat, is the heart is not old, and when the teacher’s heart.

Don’t forget, ali once revealed, ma yun is doing a teacher every day, also dream to be a teacher every day.

Africa, the vast Africa, but also to the teacher ma endless stage.

But did he do it for money?

Money will last forever.

For fame and fortune?

That seems enough!

For the feelings of a teacher. This is the realm of the Chinese entrepreneur. In the words of ma yun, “globalization is not internationalization, internationalization is a kind of ability, while globalization is a kind of pattern and a kind of realm.”

Of course, ma yun is also very modest. He says he, too, has learned, and that young africans inspire him.

A friend who has worked in Africa for more than 30 years is very impressed by jack ma’s action in Africa.

Ma yun came to Africa not as an entrepreneur in the traditional sense, but as a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs, who have entered Africa and the world with a new look and established a new image in the world.

In the past, entrepreneurs came to Africa to find businesses and make money. Ma yun is here to improve and change the world and make the world a better place. Although Africa is rich in resources, it is the poorest continent and a scar on the conscience of the world.

What about Africa?

Ma yunlai brings the answer, one is environmental protection, the other is the activity of ma yun’s Africa entrepreneurship fund, which stimulates Africa’s endogenous driving force, trains local entrepreneurs, and only gives money to the blood transfusion, which is now to let Africa make its own blood.

That’s a good point, but I think it’s a good point.

So, although he is no longer the boss of ma, but has a bigger stage, with good English and superb eloquence, and foreign presidents and prime ministers to drink, and overseas elites to talk about ideals, and entrepreneurial boys to talk about ideals, finally let them fall in love with the deep Chinese culture.

He brought with him an idea, the spirit of Chinese entrepreneurship, which collided with African culture and generated new sparks to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.

In fact, the show, called “African business heroes,” is turning into a cool African version of “win in China,” in which entrepreneurs take to the stage to present themselves and their projects to Mr. Ma and other judges, spreading their enthusiasm across Africa.

Passion once ignited, will cause a fire. This last high frontier of the world economy, with 1.2 billion people, will finally reshape the world economy.

Ban ki-moon, a former UN secretary general and adviser to the Africa entrepreneurship fund, said the development of the digital economy would bring great opportunities to the world, and Africa had the greatest potential.

Therefore, Mr. Ma is not only a teacher of Mr. Ma, but also a symbol of Chinese entrepreneurs and full of positive energy. This also breaks the prejudice of some people that Chinese people come to Africa just for making money and for resources.

Mr Ma 1000% the opposite.

From this perspective, China needs more jack ma, more alibaba, and entrepreneurs with international vision, which is also the embodiment of China’s soft power. Young africans also see a chance to change their lives through jack ma and alibaba.


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