Two days ago, jingdong’s “pipeline capsule express” delivery video was exposed, lanlan’s mother couldn’t help but sigh after watching the video: this is really amazing!

One by one, the boxes carrying the express package move slowly forward through the dark end of the pipe, through a capsule shaped 5g-network protective shell.

The white capsules, which have a transport mission, pass through a maze of tubes to various transit stations, from which they travel to different office/residential buildings, where they are delivered by AI robots.

A lot of net friends look after shout directly, “this is too convenient, the future underground world will be a city!”

Construction of underground pipeline transportation system is certainly not overnight, but this “pipeline capsule” logistics method does make express delivery faster and more convenient. It is not only not affected by traffic congestion on the ground, but also can operate 24 hours a day, which will greatly improve the efficiency.

In addition, the cost of underground transportation is also much lower than the current logistics, so for those who love online shopping, the cost of buying and buying will also be reduced.

The new era of 5G and artificial intelligence technology may lead to a disruptive logistics revolution, but the impact of the era goes far beyond transportation.


Regardless of the future development of capsule express and underground logistics, in recent years, many logistics companies have begun to “sorting express” work to robots, and the speed and efficiency is quite amazing.

In addition to the logistics industry, with the advancement of the era of artificial intelligence, all walks of life have been greatly developed:

When the unmanned gas station is online, the driver can easily complete the whole refueling process from arrival to departure without getting off the bus.

Ali future hotel opened in hangzhou, no front desk, no waiter, from check-in to check-out by artificial intelligence completed;

Even shopping, after-sales, and bank customer service, have gradually become artificial intelligence customer service platform, human customer service gradually reduced.


Artificial intelligence technology is developing much faster than you can imagine. It’s not just gas station employees, front desk attendants and human customer service that are affected by the era of artificial intelligence.

Accountants, bankers, IT engineers, photographers, writers, translators, programmers, lawyers, teachers… The jobs that look glamorous and decent are among the 35 jobs that the BBC has analysed with the highest elimination rates for the future.

In front of The Times, all of us, including our children, will be a huge impact and impact. As parents, we should have more sense of urgency than children, because children’s future can not be sacrificed in their own hands.


As early as 2018, zhejiang province has been explicitly programmed to enter the provincial information technology college entrance examination. Subsequently, admission offices around the country also gradually programming this artificial intelligence basic subject into the examination scope.

Not only that, a lot of domestic well-known colleges and universities are more inclined to recruit students with science and technology expertise, these children will have absolute advantages and options to enter for the desired university.

Therefore, for future children, everyone needs to master artificial intelligence thinking, and those who do not are bound to lose out in the flood of competition.

What can we do for our children?

First of all, to understand the three core of artificial intelligence thinking — Stanford university proposed that “artificial intelligence thinking” has three core:

1. Understand the basic principles of artificial intelligence.

This requires children to learn related subjects of artificial intelligence from an early age to lay a good knowledge foundation.

2. Ability to distinguish human intelligence from artificial intelligence.

At present, the artificial intelligence technology in the world is still at the level of weak artificial intelligence, it will replace some repetitive, simple physical and mental work, so we can guide children to consciously distinguish themselves and artificial intelligence ability.

Which abilities are different? In simple terms, this includes imagination, empathy, creativity, design thinking, and the ability to solve open-ended problems.

3. Ability to collaborate with artificial intelligence.

To enable their children to cooperate well with artificial intelligence and robots in the future, parents should cultivate their children’s three abilities from an early age: teamwork, empathy and social interaction.

Second, we need to proactively change our fixed, easily replaceable skills.

Many parents are full of anxiety about their children’s education, what others learn to give their children what, in fact, everyone will be the same is a dangerous thing. In this day and age, we should especially consider how to make the advantages of children bright and prominent.

Finally, we need to constantly tap into our children’s new talents, especially to develop new skills that are better suited to the future of artificial intelligence.

Of course, the future of the society is not fully formed, no one is sure which direction the children should go, but learn is their own, only continuous learning, can find a better way in the future.


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