0. Preliminaries

In apple’s classic Think Different AD, here’s how it works:

Here ‘s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’ r e not fond of rules, And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, Glorify and vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. They push the human race forward. We see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Salute to mad, they stick, they naturally finally, they start something, they, their vision, they don’t hidebound, they are also in line. You can judge them and deny them, praise or slander them. But you only can’t ignore them. Because they change, they push forward human. When people see them as a madman, I saw a genius. Because only men’s shoes crazy enough to think they can change the world, can really change the world.

Has more than ten years passed since the iPhone was born, from the first generation of the iPhone 3.5 inch screen evolution to the 6.5 -inch iPhone Pro Max, taken from the early single also taken after 2 million pixels to the nearest five taken + one hundred million pixels. But in recent years, everyone feel mobile phone industry development should meet the bottleneck, new phone can attract the user’s things less and less, faster SOC? 5 g? More cameras? Folding screens may be one way to expand mobile applications, but the technology is still immature and experience improvements are limited and costly.

On the other hand, market competition is also becoming more fierce. According to Gartner, global smartphone sales will decline by 2.5% in 2019. In particular, except for leading manufacturer samsung, huawei, apple and xiaomi,Others’ market share will shrink from 32.9% in 2018 to 31.0%.

IDC 2019 Q2 smartphone shipment data

As small plant of domestic has distinguishing feature very much, nuts, mobile phones and Smartisan OS often brings shine at the moment of new features, like a split second capsule, the big bang and are very useful step function. On the mobile phone nuts Pro2S released or on August 20, 2018, after more than 400 days we finally wait to the new nuts — nuts Pro3. As long as waiting for the results are all waiting for is worth it, bring you today is to use the depth of the nearly a week experience.

This paper contains the following parts:

Appearance and opening of the box – a sleek outlier of The Times
Hardware configuration – mainstream standard configuration and talk about this domestic screen
Nut’s core competency — the more comprehensive but still pain-busting Smartisan OS
Demo – the camera hardware is in place yet to be optimized
Keep constant the pride and joy of the craftsman

1. Be a smooth outlier of The Times

On the outer package, the Pro3 has been replaced as a drawer type, leaving more white space on the whole.

For nuts Pro3 appearance design is the most don’t need to worry about, in the metal frame with double glass on the surface and sleek design for the mainstream of today is very recognizable. Mobile phone design and manufacturing level of ascension and the nuts, Pro3 box in the hale founder’s design using the metallic aluminum alloy, the design may have some “retro” in some ways, let a person may be reminiscent of classic iphone 4.

Although the metal frame may be a little less comfortable from the grip comfort, but in the use of mobile phone shell today, for the sake of aesthetics and design to sacrifice a little feel actually there is no problem, it is no exaggeration to say that again round jade feel of the mobile phone finally with mobile phone shell everyone is the same.

The left side still has the SIM card slot and the usual flashpoint capsule shortcut. Although the body of the nut Pro3 is only 7.8mm thick, the non-curved metal frame makes it look slightly thicker.

The l-shaped quadrangle layout on the back is less obtrusive than it looks on the screen. Of course, I think the white version and the integrated design on the back of the phone are more aesthetic.

Red hammer and SMARTISAN LOGO, designer will hammer LOGO made into breathing lamp, here is a eggs to the masses of users, charging and not answer the phone when the breath goes on, is beautiful. But the following will keep out here, hope to consider late footprint series following update leave a window on the design for the eggs.

At the bottom is the TypeC interface, which maintains a symmetrical design for aesthetics even though it is a single side sound design.

The front is a 6.39-inch water drop Almost full screen, with a body size of 156.66X74.38 x 7.8mm, a width of less than 75mm that won’t be too much of a problem for holding in one hand, and a body weight of 185g that is relatively light for a phone of the same size.

The transparent case, which comes with the official phone protection, is specially designed to make the whole back more compatible with the wave point.

However, I still prefer the footprint series mobile phone case, but the first need to wait until the double 11, is the regret of this time to make up the following.

Since there is no 3.5mm headphone jack, the nut Pro3 comes with a TypeC to turn the 3.5mm headphone cable.

Charging standard 18W quick charge head, output support 5V3A,9V2A, 12v5a, plus 4000mAh battery capacity to meet basic daily use for a day.

2. Mainstream standard configuration and talk about this domestic screen

2.1 overall performance

Nut Pro3 USES snapdragon 855 Plus SOC, which has a lot of test data in terms of performance. The running score of single-core 3644 multi-core 10616 is normal.

Antutu ran 475942

In terms of RAM and ROM capacity, nut Pro3 is available in 8+128GB,8+256GB and 12+256GB versions, of which the 128GB version USES UFS2.1 flash memory and the 256GB version USES UFS3.0 flash memory. The black version I have is 8+128GB, and the Andro Bench test has a continuous reading speed of 862MB/s and a continuous writing speed of 201MB/s, which would be a step up if it were UFS3.0.

Wifi partial nut Pro3 supports WLAN2X2 MIMO, and the actual K2P 5G rate connected to me can reach 866Mbps at most.

Home broadband is 100 megabits, use SPEEDTEST to test the download rate of 121Mbps, upload 60.7Mbps basically full bandwidth.

For the charging part, the standard fast charging head is 18W, the actual measurement from 15% to 50% only needs 20 minutes, and the battery of 4000mAh can be filled in about 80 minutes.

2.2 screen

Just in front of the practices of some of the run, the following key we see the nut Pro3 this 6.39 inch OLED screen, the screen still comes from the nuts according to net the d cigna Pro2s suppliers. Many users may d cigna not familiar, simple science some relevant information here. The earliest d cigna was established based on the project of organic light emitting technology, tsinghua university, previously focused on PMOLED (passive matrix organic light emitting technology), subsequent to AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting technology) and shed PMOLED Business, is the earliest domestic research and development and production of OLED panel manufacturers.

The first step is to arrange the Delta pixels in accordance with the characteristics of the vinosino screen

Although samsung is still the world’s largest (and probably best) supplier of AMOLED panels for mobile phones, domestic manufacturers such as vinosin, boe, pegasus, and huaxing optoelectronics have continued to improve their panel technology. Let’s put our prejudgments behind us and just analyze the actual level of the nut Pro3 panel.

The nut Pro3 has three built-in Display modes, namely sRGB,Display P3 and Native. The test device is konica minolta’s CA310. The DC dimming and automatic brightness control are turned off.

The maximum brightness in the three modes of sRGB,DisplayP3 and Native is around 433nit, which is at the mainstream level (except the flagship of samsung and apple).
Under the three modes, the CCT is higher than the standard 6500K, which is the adjustment habit of the nut mobile phone and the habit of pleasing domestic consumers with cool color and temperature. (personally, I still think the standard 6500K is better, although many consumers may think the screen is yellow.)
All three modes of MPCD are below 10 and perform well (generally less than 10 is considered a good performance).

Color gamut coverage, this screen can basically guarantee 100% dci-p3 color gamut coverage, but the actual adjustment results in sRGB and DisplayP3 mode is not covered to 100%, there should be room for software optimization.

First of all, let’s take a look at the sRGB mode. Compared with the standard sRGB space, the overall green and red tend to be redder, resulting in the poor coverage of the actual sRGB gamma, which will affect deltaE accordingly.

The gamut space of Display P3 mode is not much different from that of standard dci-p3, but green and red still tend to be redder, so the actual gamut coverage is not particularly accurate.

Native mode should be the primary level of the screen, you can see this panel Native RGB three points beyond the standard DCI – P3 domain requirements of color, blue and red are slightly offset in hue, if the software set-up in sRGB and Display appropriate P3 mode should still have room for improvement (Pro3 target color temperature is higher, of course, may lead to set-up more difficult).

Finally deltaE patterns of the three test results, the use of software is the Calman and sRGB modes using sRGB color gamut, DisplayP3 and Native mode to use DCI – P3 test color gamut, three modes are average deltaE around 4 ~ 5, achievement belongs to typical level (< 3 within to be beautiful, most people will not see clear off color), of course, the current domestic manufacturers universal energy is not on the color standard calibration, this paper listed the data more also hope that future can continue to raise the level of color must part.

3. Smartisan OS, which is more comprehensive but still hits the pain spot

3.1Smartisan OS 7.2 overall improvement

Since the official version 7.2 of Smartisan OS has not been pushed yet, this test isa 7.2 beta version, some features are not included in this version, and specific features may be different from the final version.

The style of Smartisan OS 7.2 has not changed much, and the official graphics are very elegant.

The new negative screen (shortcut desktop) also adds a lot of functions (music playing and quick payment, etc.) and shortcut entry, but currently the customization options are limited. I hope Smartisan OS can make something different in the shortcut desktop.

The new system introduces gesture navigation

Bottom slide back to desktop
Bottom slide hover multi-task
Slide from edge to center
Swipe the bottom left and right to switch multitasking

In addition, there are app ICONS at the bottom of the multitasking interface, which can be easily swiped/clicked to quickly switch apps, which is a small but useful innovation.

Smartisan also increased a lot for the vast number of users, not just a handful of enthusiasts functions, like game mode (barrage mode, floating window applications, hang up mode), camera, new Smartisan T black font, reading model, two-way video, TNT (wireless, cable, share three models), and for the hearing impaired hearing barrier-free mode. A total of more than three hundred improvements, let Smartisan OS is practical and functional all have a lot of ascension, and more suitable for ordinary users.

3.2 upgrade efficiency three-piece set

Smartisan OS has also been upgraded to version 3.0 for efficiency tripods, flash capsules, big bang and one step.

3.0 the big bang, the underlying ability to upgrade the largest tools, Fried image has been added, the explosion sound and screen record function. Use Fried sound can be convenient to voice in the video, which can identify a key to support save the recording and recognition to the recorder and sticky notes, the linkage of the system level significantly improved the efficiency, also can undertake secondary text. Fried record screen fixed frame rate for grabbing video capture, a key generation GIF also is very nice.

Through the cooperation with iflytek, audio can be identified in real time for up to one minute (about 0.5s delay, depending on the network).

At the same time the big bang also supports the second explosion, you can select keywords for replication and even secondary search.

Blast recording frequency can also automatically save the picture interval fixed frame number of key frames, support a key to save the picture and generate GIF, for friends like to make GIF this must be a direct pain point function.

Flash video one-click to generate a GIF

Step 3.0 has a big change in the interface, and the new version supports four steps


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