As for the understanding of the word “precision”, every field is actually involved. Its concept goes deep into every small detail of life, and the purpose of unremitting pursuit is to achieve progress and development in specific fields.

And time, must be the most important carrier to reflect the accuracy, in the scale of time, minutes, seconds, can be given more meaning. Therefore, people who control time accurately must know how to allocate other resources reasonably.

How “terrible” is American precision? Tesla’s choice of parts suppliers offers a glimpse.

In the us, the distance between Gigafactory 1, tesla’s battery factory, and the Fremont factory is 420km by road, which is just 4 hours and 10 minutes by car.

Is 4 hours 10 minutes any special number??

It isn’t.

But if we look at tesla’s choice of suppliers for the Shanghai gigafactory, we can see why.

Tesla’s Shanghai factory has chosen LG as its battery supplier. The distance from LG chemical’s nanjing factory to Shanghai Gigafactory 3 is 360km, while the drive shown on autorde’s map is also 4 hours and 10 minutes

Why tesla’s obsession with “4-hour moments”?

In fact, what drives tesla’s obsession is not “4 hours”, but precision — both time and technology are “tricky” to the point of virgos. 4 hours is just one of tesla’s means to ensure efficiency and accurate management.

Of course, tesla has certainly benefited from this trickery.

Three days ago, for example, auto blogger @benchmarker Shared a video of tesla’s Autopilot helping the driver to avoid an emergency, and it was retweeted by tesla officials.

In the video, a tesla owner is seen driving at high speed just after 9pm when a coyote jumps into the driveway. According to the owner’s account, he made brief eye contact with the coyote and both were stunned.

Autopilot’s last-minute “elk test”, in which it made an emergency right turn and returned to its original lane, was comparable to a top-flight racer, saving a small life and reducing unnecessary inconvenience for drivers.

It’s also important to note tesla’s stability and flexibility. The car remains stable at such high speeds – one of the fundamental underlying advantages of electric cars over all fuel-powered vehicles.

Tesla’s “4-hour circle of friends” and its pursuit of “precision” are probably the most important cornerstones of its extraordinary quality, which has finally stabilized after 13 years and achieved possible long-term profitability in the future.


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